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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

A cozy, story-rich cooking game



Game Name Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Platforms iOS / Android (Mobile)
PC/ MAC (Steam)
Steam Deck (Steam)
Nintendo Switch
Developer TAPBLAZE (Based in Los Angeles, California)
Game Genre A Story-rich Cooking Business Simulator
Release Region World Wide
Languages English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
Controller Support Full controller support
Price iOS / Android FREE
Amazon FREE
Steam Version $9.99
Switch Version $9.99
Release Date Mobile on 1 Dec 2014
Early Access (Steam) on 5 Jun 2018
Full Release (Steam) on 6 Jan 2023
Full Release (Nintendo Switch) on 3 Sept 2023
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‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ is a wholesome, story-driven cooking business simulator where you can discover what it’s like to run a pizzeria!

 Help your shop survive against rival Ovenists in this pizza-centered city by deciphering complicated orders, upgrading your equipment, and gaining new toppings! ‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ is your casual gaming dreams come true, uniquely combining ‘Time Management’ and ‘Puzzle-Solving Cooking Game’   gameplay, sprinkled with a robust storyline and quirky characters.


New Major Update: CHAPTER 5 Coming September 2023!

 Indie game studio TapBlaze is gathering all the ingredients to serve up a new chapter of Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

 In Chapter 5, a mysterious building called the ZArena appears across the street. Rumor has it an ancient power dating back to 50 BSC (Before Stuffed Crust) is locked behind its doors. But players should keep their pizza cutter sharp! Danger may be lurking around this pizza-loving town. Uncover the saucy secrets with fan-favorite Ovenists like Alicante and Dr. Keh, alongside some new characters! Set to release September 21st, 2023.

 Downloaded over 300M times with a consistent 1.3M daily players, ‘Good Pizza, Great Pizza’ has gained international popularity reaching #1 in China (March 2022), #1 in Italy (July 2023), #1 in Egypt (August 2023), and currently landing in the Top Charts in the U.S.

A personalized 2D restaurant experience with over 800 unique decorations!

 The high-quality 2D graphics with a cozy and unique art style represents the comforting atmosphere of any local pizzeria.

 Players have the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind pizzeria with over 800 unique decorations. They can also experiment with a variety of pizza combinations with 18 main toppings to choose from, and even garden the ingredients themselves! With these special features, ‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ guarantees an original restaurateur experience.

Story-rich cooking simulation gameplay shifting between kitchen and counter scenes.

 Meet a diverse set of customers, each with their own pizza preference. Throughout the day, you can take their orders and make pizzas in the kitchen. You’ll experience different conversations depending on whether you made the pizza to their satisfaction!

 Keep your customers happy by upgrading the kitchen equipment to prepare time-sensitive orders and story-related challenges. Good service is the key to pizza success!

Make new friends, challenge rivals, and befriend foes!

 Each chapter introduces fun, quirky, and wholesome characters. Some help improve the shop, while others challenge you to a pizza showdown! There are also side quests to gain new regulars for your pizzeria.

 Along your journey as a Master Ovenist, you can befriend other players through the in-game connection app, BakedIn. Through the ‘Customizable Avatar’ and ‘Online Friends’ features, players can visit each other’s shops and even leave a like!

A casual, story-rich restaurant simulation game on mobile, PC, and Switch.

 ‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ varies from a ‘Restaurant Simulator’ to a ‘Story-Driven Cooking Game’ based on individual play-style.

 During each game day, the amount of customers who visit the shop depends on how long the player takes to complete orders. For a story-driven player, the customer count may be less than a restaurant sim focused player aiming to serve the most orders possible for a higher profit.

 The ‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ play-styles are specific to mobile vs. PC platforms. Many mobile players become more invested in the storyline and making friends. On the other hand, many PC players like to maximize profit, upgrades, and collectible decor.

 Players earn in-game currency called Pizza Funds, which they can use to purchase equipment upgrades, decorative items, and toppings to attract more customers and unlock new chapters. By checking the ‘MyPad’ feature daily, players can find interactive ‘Quests,’ ‘Achievements,’ pizzeria reviews, and the online friends app ‘BakedIn.’ Ingredients grown in the player's own backyard garden will provide a profit advantage as ingredients will not cost a flat rate per usage unlike the regular toppings in the kitchen.

 As a multi-platform game, ‘GOOD PIZZA, GREAT PIZZA’ attracts a wide array of players. From casual gamers to hard-core simulation fans, the game provides a unique restaurant management experience tailored to each player.

A new chapter, more seasonal events and limited time decorations are released each year! There are currently four released chapters, Chapter 5 in the making, bi-monthly seasonal events with refreshing stories and new restaurant features!


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a wholesome , story-driven cooking simulator game where you can discover what it’s like to run a pizzeria! Decipher complicated orders and upgrade your equipment to help your shop survive against rival Ovenists. Keep up with the latest pizza news by watching Pizza News Network (PNN) broadcasts, befriend unique characters, and customize the perfect pizza atmosphere in your shop with fun decorations. You can even grow and harvest ingredients in your very own garden!


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